• Amir Bresler

Amir Bresler

Amir Bresler — Tel Aviv’s creative, jaw-dropping drummer — plays at jazz clubs and underground bars nearly every night of the week with different bands and musicians. But whether he’s playing funk, prog-jazz, psych-folk, alt-soul or rock ‘n’ roll, one thing is always clear: this man plays drums like you’ve never heard before. “I’m trying to make the brainy stuff less brainy,” he says. “I want the music to feel natural.” Bresler began, of course, banging on pots and toys as a kid. By his early 20’s, he was behind the kit touring with some of the region’s premier jazz musicians, including legendary bassist Avishai Cohen. Today, Amir is among the most in-demand drummers in the Middle East, for one reason: no one makes your body move quite like him.

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