By Masok2020

  • Cover Art & Graphic Design by Jengo

    Cover Art & Graphic Design by Jengo


By Masok


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After releasing their debut album, Masok are here with a fresh new single.
"The song actually started as a spontaneous gag a long time ago. We left it there for a while but Jenny insisted on getting back to it. It happened that many of our fellow producers/friends came to the sessions in the studio and gave their input, and it painted the song in ways we wouldn’t normally take.
Somehow the lyrics started to make sense and became relevant to our situation. The words deal with the need of external approvals, social media and consumption and at the same time- the liberation and escapism in smoking."

Credits //

Produced by Masok & Amir Bresler
Co-Produced by Yonatan Daskal, Matan Egozi & Rejoicer
Recorded by Nomok & Tal Kohavi
Mixed by Nomok, Asaf Shay & Tal Kohavi
Mastered by Asaf Shay

Recorded at Ulpana Studios, Star Studios
Mixed at Ulpana Studios, Halal Studios
Mastered at Halal Studios

Written by Jenny Penkin, Nomok, Tal Kohavi, Omri Shani & Amir Bresler
Lyrics by Jenny Penkin

Jenny Penkin - vocals
Nomok - keyboards, synthesizers, drum programming, synth bass
Tal Kohavi - drum programming, percussion
Omri Shani - synth bass
Amir Bresler - drum programming, additional production
Yonatan Daskal - keyboards, synthesizers, synth bass, additional production
Matan Egozi - additional production
Rejoicer - additional production

Cover Art & Graphic Design by Jengo

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