All For It

By Masok2020

  • Artwork by Jengo

    Artwork by Jengo

All For It

By Masok


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Embracing the winter, Masok’s new single “All For It” feels like a night drive in Tokyo and brings a new electric flavor to the table. Same aesthetic, different fantasy. After a long while of avoiding TV, Jenny decided to binge watch GOT. The thing ended up being so powerful, she actually wrote about it. It's funny though, because now it means so much more. We tend to let our egos run our lives instead of being satisfied with what we got.

Credits //
Produced by Masok & Amir Bresler
Mixed by Masok, Asaf Shay & Amir Bresler
Mastered by Asaf Shay

Music by Masok & Amir Bresler
Lyrics by Jenny Penkin

Jenny Penkin - vocals
Nomok - keyboards, synthesizers
Tal Kohavi - drum programming
Omri Shani - bass, guitar
Amir Bresler - drum programming, guitar

Artwork by Jengo

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