Rollin' Until Late

By Amir Bresler, Nomok, Nitai Hershkovits2022

  • Artwork by Alon Tayar

    Artwork by Alon Tayar

Rollin' Until Late

By Amir Bresler, Nomok, Nitai Hershkovits

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Sometimes a title tells you exactly what you need to know to press play. ‘Rollin Until Late’, the Raw Tapes-released collaborative EP by Tel Aviv musical polyglots Amir Bresler, Nitai Hershkovits and Nomok, does exactly that: here are three old friends cruising, playfully laying down funk-flavored jazz long past when the sun goes down. The 5-song collection began evolving in May 2020 — Hershkovits had just returned to the Middle East after years living in New York, eager to reconnect with his friends and shake off the pandemic’s initial anxiety. The trio tossed around some loose grooves and hit record, eager to see what they could create. The music that emerged was infectious and experimental — captured on impromptu sessions that spanned through 2021. “We were never into perfectionism,” says Hershkovits, who bounced between keys and bass. “It’s all about: what’s the vibe? Not ‘what’s the note?’ It’s like putting on a playlist to set the mood — a very curated playlist.”

Music Composed, Produced, Mixed and Recorded by Amir Bresler, Nomok & Nitai Hershkovits
Additional composition by Uzi Ramirez (3,5), Ofri Nehemya (3), Yuval Garin (5)

Mastered by Asaf Shay

Third Wave Mischief
Drums by Amir Bresler
Bass by Nomok
Keys by Nitai Hershkovits

Hybrid Hips
Drums & Oud by Amir Bresler
Keys by Nomok
Bass by Nitai Hershkovits

Bass by Amir Bresler
Keys by Nomok & Nitai Hershkovits
Guitar by Uzi Ramirez
Drums by Ofri Nehemya

Good Will Shipment
Bass & Drum Programming by Amir Bresler
Keys by Nomok & Nitai Hershkovits

Slug Club
Bass by Amir Bresler
Keys by Nomok & Nitai Hershkovits/
Drums by Yuval Garin
Guitar by Uzi Ramirez
Additional composition by Yuval Garin & Uzi Ramirez

Artwork by Alon Tayar

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