• Liquid Saloon

Liquid Saloon

“Something just clicked, and suddenly we understood. We’d developed a new shade of a known color.” That’s how Sefi Zisling describes the inception of our in-house supergroup Liquid Saloon. Believe us—it’s a shade that’ll light you up. Liquid Saloon is a funk collective, but at its core sits Zisling on trumpet, Amir Bresler on drums and Nomok on keyboards—all three constantly balancing multiple projects and solo careers. And we’re thrilled that they call Raw Tapes home.

The guys were jamming in Bresler’s bedroom studio in 2018, exploring their shared love for vintage West African funk and cosmic jazz, when fresh grooves began to grow. Every week their jams expanded, absorbing new styles. The Saloon was wide open, their creations flowing—resulting in 2019’s self-titled debut. In 2022 the band released its second album titled "Took a Second", with the collective expanding outwards in every direction: the grooves are deeper, the rhythms more complex and the music features shades of West African Highlife and Afrobeat.

Liquid Saloon shook stages across the Middle East and Europe, added bassist Elyasaf Bashari and guitarist Roi Avivi, and quickly became the fluid center of Tel Aviv’s thriving funk and jazz scene.

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