• Buttering Trio

Buttering Trio

Tel Aviv’s Buttering Trio have been making the desert blossom with funk for a decade now — and their most vivid, colorful oasis has revealed itself: Foursome, the band’s latest LP, out July 2022. Buttering Trio began their exploration a decade ago: three traveling beatmakers in a Berlin basement peering over the edges of each other’s musical minds.

In the years since, producers and musicians KerenDun (vocals, saxophone), Rejoicer (keys) and Beno Hendler (bass) have released a string of deeply-grooving albums and toured the world, all while maintaining a sense of open possibility: if it slaps, it stays. And since 2018, the Trio’s got a fourth — percussionist Amir Bresler — helping their grooves dive deeper than ever.

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