Too Busy

By L.B.T.2019

  • Cover Art & Graphic Design by Simone Cihlar

    Cover Art & Graphic Design by Simone Cihlar

Too Busy

By L.B.T.

20 NIS

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The new EP, titled 'Too Busy', was written and recorded during 2 consecutive days in the studio and over-dubbed with vocals by the band's 4 vocalists - KerenDun, Echo, Rebel Sun and Mo Rayon. The result is a colourful piece reflecting the nature of the band - a harmonious mixture of abstract pieces.

Credits //

Amir Bresler, drums ~ Beno Hendler, bass ~ Nomok, keys ~ Rejoicer, synths ~ Asaf Shay, sound ~ KerenDun, vocals & saxophone ~ Rebel Sun, vocals ~ Yudko, sampler & saxophone ~ Echo, vocals ~ Yonatan Albalak, guitar ~ Sefi Zisling, trumpet ~ DJ Mesh, turntable ~ Mo Rayon, vocals

Music by LBT
Produced & Recorded by Beno Hendler, Nomok & Asaf Shay
Mixed & Mastered by Asaf Shay
Additional Mix by Nomok

Yogev Glusman - violin (1, 3)
Lyrics on Places Of Light by Brainticket

Recorded at The Slick Studios and Kicha Studios
Mixed & Mastered at Halal Studios

Cover Art & Graphic Design by Simone Cihlar

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