• Yummi Wisler Guitar Combo

Yummi Wisler Guitar Combo

For Tel Aviv-based Raw Tapes artist Yammi Wisler, playing guitar has always meant freedom — from expectations, from doubts, from the banality of the real world. 

Wisler grew up adoring blues icons, such as Charley Patton or John Lee Hooker — at a time when everything on the radio was ruled by synthesizers. 

In the early 2000’s, hungry for something more organic and raw, Wisler formed Habiluim — a fiery, cabaret-influenced political punk & polka band that galvanized young people during their three-album streak. Since then, Wisler has been creating in various media - writing plays, directing radical TV shows, lecturing about cinema and music, and playing the guitar. 

For his latest creation, Wisler joined the roster of Raw Tapes sonic explorers to build something new and undefinable — the Yummi Wisler Guitar Combo’s experimental LP, The Albanian Connection


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