Tired Love

By Buttering Trio2012

  • Artwork by Jengo

    Artwork by Jengo

Tired Love

By Buttering Trio


The first single from Buttering Trio's debut LP, giving you a preview of the upcoming album from this odd-eclectic trio.
These tunes were inspired by KerenDun's trip to the Galaxy of Poo, Rejoicer's three months in weed rehab and Beno Hendler the magnificent.

After Tired Love's live premiere at 'In-D-Negev' festival with the Buttering Double Trio, it has been featured in Mercedes Benz mixed tape and was given the title "dope as fuck" by the man himself - Mr. Snoop Dogg.

Side B of the single, "Oneness On Vinyl", is more up-tempo although still soulful and spacey, leaving room to catch the beautiful lyrics.

The vocals on both tunes were recorded by KerenDun on first take capturing the authenticity of the lyrics and the special atmosphere that was floating in the SpaceShip studio.

Credits //

Vox + Synths + Saxophone - KerenDun
Vibes + Synths - Rejoicer
Keys Solo on "Tired Love" - Maya Dunietz
Not Playing Bass - Beno Hendler

Produced by Buttering Trio
Recorded & Mixed by Rejoicer at SpaceShip Studio.
Mastering by Marko Gurkan @Kicha Studios
Executive Producer - Osbourne "Ease" Green

Artwork by Jengo

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