I Cried For You (Slow Mix)

By Buttering Trio2022

  • Artwork by Pilpeled

    Artwork by Pilpeled

I Cried For You (Slow Mix)

By Buttering Trio


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A slowed down tempo version of Buttering Trio's all-time most streamed tune. Originally released on 'Jam' LP back in 2014, the lyrics were taken from the old & beloved jazz standard under the same title. Inspired by a youtuber who saw the beauty in slowing the song down, we decided to share the magic and make an official release.

Credits // 
Mixed by Buttering Trio (KerenDun, Beno Hendler, Rejoicer)
Mastered by Marko Gurkan
Recorded by Uri MixMonster Wertheim @ 106 FM studios

Original Composition: Gus Arnheim, Arthur Freed, Abe Lyman
Remake Version: Buttering Trio
Produced by Buttering Trio

Artwork by Pilpeled

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