Party Bear

By Buttering Trio2011

  • Artwork and Design by Jengo

    Artwork and Design by Jengo

Party Bear

By Buttering Trio

20 NIS

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Buttering Trio's 1st release, featuring KerenDun Rejoicer and former bassist - Gymbass.
After knowing each other for more then 10 years these three individuals magically met again in Kreuzberg, Berlin, and started jamming together.
"Party Bear EP" is the result of their co-meditation and love for music.

Credits //

Written and produced by Rejoicer, KerenDun and GymBass
Vocals by KerenDun and GymBass
Bass by GymBass
Recording and Mixing by Rejoicer @ Buttering Trio Studio, WrangelStr. 666, Berlin
Executive producer - Osbourne "Ease" Green


Artwork and Design by Jengo

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