• Daniel Dor

Daniel Dor

Daniel “Dada” Dor has spent his whole life exploring the lesser-known corners of the universe of music. Growing up the son of famous Middle Eastern musicians, he was perpetually pushed to play and experiment — to find the sounds that spoke to him. His seeking led him to New York City, where he studied at The New School and rapidly began gigging everywhere and with everyone he could: from jazz clubs and concert halls to subway stations platforms. He spent three years touring the world with renowned jazz bassist Avishai Cohen before landing back in the city. A 2020 relocation to the serene American Southwest, and an innovative rhythmic method called The Flower inspired his new, mind-bending album, Four Petals. The collection is his first solo release after years of playing behind others — a chance to step forward from those esoteric corners and present his findings to the world.


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