Four Petals

By Daniel Dor2023

  • Artwork by Alon Tayar

    Artwork by Alon Tayar

Four Petals

By Daniel Dor

40 NIS

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Four Petals — Daniel Dor’s first ever solo album, proudly released on Raw Tapes — is like nothing you have ever heard before. That’s because to create these 15 pieces, Dor broke all the rules of musical composition and constructed a vivid, complex and immaculate new way of thinking. If that sounds ambitious, you’re right. For years, Dor had been experimenting with creating percussion mandalas, which he calls The Flower: polyrhythmic, multi-part patterns that fell into sync and out of sync — sacred geometry reimagined as music. One night, in the early, chaotic days of the pandemic, Dor tapped out a mandala on his partner’s back. They’d relocated from New York City to Nambe, New Mexico — suddenly embraced by quiet desert and blossoming flowers. He decided to dive deep, to explore these musical mandalas — and to transpose them from percussion to piano, lifting each pattern up through melody. Four Petals is the deeply meditative result of that exploration. His mandala’s in full bloom. Upon returning to Israel, Dor played these ‘flowers’ for his longtime friend, keyboardist and producer Nitai Hershkovits, who was immediately captivated. Hershkovits became the project’s gardener, helping Dor to prune each composition into a gorgeous, meditative song. The friends sat by Dor’s childhood piano, in his childhood home in Tel Aviv, and arranged what would become Four Petals, taking breaks to listen to Bach. By springtime 2022, they’d recorded the collection; the result is the sound of a meticulous artist unlocking a mysterious musical equation — one that transported him to another world entirely--guided by Hershkovits & aesthetic vision. 

Credits //
Composed by Daniel Dor
Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Nitai Hershkovits
Mastered by Asaf Shay

Artwork by Alon Tayar

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