• Shir Frum

Shir Frum

Shir Frum spent much of her life searching for her voice. With her debut LP, “Party Pooper”, the newest member of the Raw Tapes family finally found it. It’s been a long journey to get here; Shir wrote her first song in first grade — a wise-beyond-her-years piece called “Heaven,” about how love here on earth outweighs any afterlife we could dream up. For years, she explored what her voice could do: howl like Hayley Williams; hum low like Leonard Cohen; float like Sufjan Stevens. But sometime during the pandemic, 27-year-old Shir landed on a sound that truly felt like hers. Today, the Tel Aviv-based singer-songwriter creates music that feels soft but strong, with a fluid, velvet voice that shape shifts between songs — and sometimes within them. Sweater weather songs that shine a light inside Shir’s mind, with an honest, dry wit. Music she calls, perfectly, “elegant indie.”

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