I'm a Lover

By Shir Frum2024

  • Cover art by Elfassi

    Cover art by Elfassi

I'm a Lover

By Shir Frum


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“I’m a Lover” is my response to the dire pain of 7/10 events and their impact on the region. Then, I was avoiding music, and yet repeatedly humming “Lover Lover Lover” by Leonard Cohen, recalling its story (Yom Kippur War). I was thinking, during a shower, how noble Cohen is to turn such pain into love, and wished myself to be a person of love, despite the grief, and to find ways to spread that realization that holds the mutual pain of both sides. After that shower, still in a towel, I wrote it.


Credits // 
Composed and Written by Shir Frum
Produced and Arranged by Shir Frum and Yotam Agam
Mixed and Recorded by Yotam Agam
Mastered by Roee Berezowitz

Guitars, Bass, Keys, Back Vocals by Yotam Agam
Trumpet by Roee Berezowitz
Piano by Jonathan Kotik

Cover art by Elfassi

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