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L.B.T (Live Beat Tapes) is a collective formed of the finest hip hop producers, jazz musicians, rappers and singers around, a 12 piece super group

Amir Bresler - Drums, one of the busiest personas in town & a rhythmic mastermind
Beno Hendler - Bass Veteran, also known for his work with BalkanBeat Box
Nomok - Keyboards, A jazz pianist from a young age & a real dope beatmaker
Rejoicer- Synthesizer, Head Honcho of the Raw Tapes label & a producer extraordinaire
KerenDun - Vocals, Sax, Percussion, One of the most unique multi-instrumentalist,beatmaker and vocalist around
Echo- Vocals, The sort of person to hear a song and instantly sing the right thing
Yonatan Albalak - Guitar, Playing with LayerZ & Avishai Cohen alongside some ofIsrael's finest musicians
Yudko the Abstract - Sampler, Sax, Pannonica Recordings head honcho and a hazy beatmaker, also a veteran in the Jazz world
Mesh Cohen - DJ, Long time scratcher and Israeli Hip Hop scene godfather
Asaf Shay - Sound, a necessity to any L.B.T show
Sefi Zisling - The trumpet go-to guy with heavy knowledge of Soul, Jazz & Hip Hop

Listening to L.B.T will take you to the first 10 episodes released as an introduction to the debut album "The Singles",released in Feb 2015.

It's on stage that L.B.T reveals entirely the virtuosity of its members, and leaves the audience with a unique groove experience, supported with beautiful songs. In Israel L.B.T is performing regularly in the best venues, and participated in major festivals (IndNegev, White Night Tel Aviv, Ya'arot Menashe & more).

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