Feature: Q&A With Beno

I met with beno one sunday morning, it was the first rainy day of the year and we were sitting in his studio at Kicha.

Beno is a prolific producer, bass player & a long time friend.
His first expirience he recalls, at the age of 7, going to his grandmothers place and playing the piano. Afterwards he picked up the bass at the age of 16, and began producing at the age of 22. That was in the year 1999.
During that time, he studied music in Rimon, and also started gaining his first stage expiriences with the band "Hot Fur", a theatralical prog-rock act.
At that time he also had moved to live in Tel Aviv, and worked for seven years at a record shop, which exposed him to intense amounts of music, taking home so many records he was left with no paycheck at the end of the month.


There's so many details about Beno, as you already probably know, so let's get in the interview and figure out some more -

MO: So you have a new album out, tell us a little bit about the process?
BENO: For a year, while recording alot of new stuff, like some L.B.T episodes, we were hanging in the studio with alot of friends and musicians, and during the hang and our free time, we would record tunes on the side. So because the Raw Tapes is such a creative crew, it keeps everyone pushing forward and finding out how to work with each other despite time limtiations due to everyones unusually busy schedule. So i see the mentalitly of this album as pure fun, as getting back home and putting your legs on the table kind of thing. Resting from the day.

MO: Tell us about the influences of the album?

BENO: I used alot of female jazz vocalists from the 60s, on top of that i added some grooves from various brazillian and indian music, and i mashed up the whole thing in the blender. obviously, alot of live musicians aswell - Rejoicer, Yudko, Nomok & more were recording too, and when the vocalists came in we blended it again.

MO: Tell me about the new projects coming up now?

BENO: Were recording a new Buttering Trio album, so the process was spread across sevral countries and many different studios while touring recently, and now were layering the whole thing up, i think it will be done soon. L.B.T is recording as usual, and i have a new project with Gili Yalo.

MO: What is your messege to the world?

BENO: I'd like to say, stay positive, clear the hatred stop the violence and turn up the volume.

You can listen to Beno's new album here on a very special website.


Beno - Beat Heaven

image description

Free The Robots + Sol Monk + Rejoicer - Turn Left

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Feature: Q&A with KerenDun & Yudko

I met with KerenDun and Yudko one wednesday afternoon to talk about their latest album, "What It Is"


MR - Mo Rayon

KD - KerenDun

YTA - Yudko The Abstract






MR: What was the leading state of mind during the making of the album?

KD: Until we actually met, we discussed the vision over the phone for a few months. We had some trouble meeting with both of us being in parallel universes. The first time we actually got together, we started  the session with a meditation.

YTA: I was experiencing difficult times in my life, and was more and more looking for questions inside, which naturally lead me to examine the ideas of meditation and yoga for the second time. So, we decided to start every session with a mindfulness meditation sitdown. I remember strongly that we didn't have to communicate verbally, and for the first time in a while i could actually enjoy silence with somebody else.


MR: How did you two meet?

YTA: I used to provide special tea to Keren's older sister, back when i was 15 in Jerusalem. She would always tell me stories about her beautiful younger sister.

KD: I would always bump into Yudko on the streets of Tel Aviv, and ask him out for a drink. He always said no.

YTA: I was scared of her.

KD: After a few years, Yudko started calling me, trying to initiate studio sessions, which finally happend for the first time at my bedroom studio.

MR: It almost sounds like a love affair between you two.

KD: It is.


MR: Your artwork looks like an intergalactic vagina, whats up with that?

YTA: I first met UNGA, the artist, at night, It was a full moon in Krakow, Poland. The room was smokey and dimly lit. He showed me his Intergalactic vagina and i instantly fell for it. Later, I had to presuade miss Dun that this is not a gender issue. It is just beautiful.

KD: I found the art at first sight, to be blunt and agressive. After meeting with UNGA, I realized that it was beyond.

MR: So what's next ?

KD: We are currently into Indian music and exploring the option of a trip to India, Yudko is going to start playing Bansuri flute and i will study singing.

YTA: At the very least, if not a physical trip, we will take an abstract one.



You can grab a free download right here





KerenDun - & Yudko - What It Is

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Feature: Q&A with LayerZ + A New Mixtape


I met with LayerZ one sunday morning, to chat a little bit about the album and try to understand how it came to be.

MR - Mo Rayon

GA - Gilad Abro

AC - Aviv Cohen

YA  - Yonatan Albalak


MR:  Tell me a couple of odd things that happend while recording the album


AC: During the recording of exit from the universe, midst tune, Albi switched to radio mode on his OP-1 and all of a sudden, eerie classical music that was playing "randomly" just fitted perfectly on the tune. and so it stayed there.


YA: The concept of this song was switching instruments, meaning the bassline was played on a baritone guitar by me, the beat was created by using clicks from Abro's bass, and Aviv finished arrangment with a stunning synth take.


GA: I have nothing else to add about this.


YA: Also in that song, during Kerens vocal takes, she did one part octave low, and when she got to the chorus, either of the guys in the room couldn't keep themselves from laughing, which remained in the final take. shit loads, and noise of my own despair.


AC: In Savyon Spaceship studios, interesting things can happen. you can meet dogs and birds and fruit hanging from the trees, and one cat called Shabi (a very intense one). We decided to record shabi, and to tribiute the song to him. so Albi went outside and recorded a conversation with him. super intesne.


MR: Tell me about working with the guests on your album


YA: Firstly, Nitai Hershkovits, our former established member is always a great pleasure to work with, and whichever tune you let him play on always turns into a hit. whether its synths, acoustic piano, or whatever has black and white keys on it - he's our man.


GA: Marina-Maximillian Blumin (Which we regularly play as her band) came around to the studio, one afternoon in the post production days, after having sung a few sentences as sketches in Aviv's place. She finished off the song "Dreamin'" by improvising from text we scribbled together on a page, and she gave an extraordinary backing take on Roadside Fever, which created the tune's deep atmosphere. so, thank you Marina.


AC:We sent KerenDun a couple of sketches, and she came to the studio very prepared, having written one song that immediately fitted on one of the beats we did with Nitai, and another one which she wasn't sure where it would fit. We listened to it on top of Mad Hats, and Exit from the universe, and immediately fell in love with how it went on the second one. Keren is a very sensitive person and she has strong opinions about every aspect of the music, Which makes her very fun to work with.


GA: Yuv, aka Rejoicer, got to work with Aviv a little bit before us, on his solo project Sol Monk. So for us, as a band it was the first time working with a producer. Our first album was self produced, so this was an new and exciting experience for us. We spent the prior months fucking around on Ableton, and we came to him with a bunch of unfinished sketches. He dug the idea of starting from there, and we booked the studio. the creative process revolved partly around the sketches we brought, and also around improvisations guided by him, such as in the case of Marijuana, a spacey tribute to my African nanny.


YA: Three days later, it felt like he had put it all together like Lego. He really treated every note with devotion as it was his own.


MR: How different are your shows from the albums?

AC: This band started out as a jam band, playing around at different venues in tel aviv, so, skipping forward in time there's a huge difference from where we started to where we are now. but, essentially we are three jazz-men, and we like to open it up in shows. Every show will have a different vibe to it, as its basically 50% improvised and 50% written.


YA: So whether our starting points are the old songs, which are more fusion-progressive oriented, or the new stuff, which is psychedelic hip hop, they are the basis for a new adventure each show.


GA: The concerts are a breeding ground for new materials, as well as a remix setting for all new and old tunes.


MR: Describe your musical personalities in five words.

YA: Abstract, dark versus light, playfulness, tension, texture.

GA: Roots, earth and sky, vagner, dirty, platoon.

AC: Deep, weightless, truth, drive, one.




 Get the album here:



Nomok - EP1 (with ROA)

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Guadaloop / Rejoicer - BEMET - The Chase After Tomorrow

image description

LayerZ - Things On Top Of Each Other

image description

Mo Rayon - Fuckboi Exclusive

image description

Hod Moshonov (BEMET) - Ze Ham (Official Video)


Video by Roei Hermon

Keys by Assaf Talmudi
Backing Vocals by Raz Shmueli

Mixed & Produced by Rejoicer

Eyal Talmudi & Roy Chen - Moonlight (feat. Miss Red)

Check out the new video from the latest Eyal Talmudi & Roy Chen album, featuring Miss Red on the vocals.

CohenBeats - The Weight

image description

L.B.T - The Singles

image description

L.B.T - Brazilian Trip



New visuals from L.B.T, watch this space for more news about their album release very soon.

Sol Monk - ATA



Sol Monk visits Africa in this new colorful video, and shows us his moves for "ATA"...

Kalimist K Boog - High For Wu Video


"High for Wu" was produced during a one-day shoot along the Mediterranean coastline and outdoor promenade in Yafo, using digital and 8mm videograph technologies. During the clip, Kalimist K Boog appears in a hazy breathe of sundrenched seaside vibes, decorated by a local crew of skaters and street slangers "shooting the breeze" while a tricked-out mirage of the musical artist comes to life.

Buttering Trio - I Cried For You (Video)


Check the new Buttering Trio video - and cop thier new album here !

Rejoicer Live Set - OCT 2014 @ Barby Club, TLV

5 Minutes from Rejoicer's live set before Chet Faker show in TLV

Filmed by Tom Gani and Adam Shuldman

Recorded by Nomok

Big thanks to Eran Naranja !!

KerenDun - Sira Daka

KerenDun takes us to ride a boat, who are we to say no?

Music by KerenDun

Shot by Tom Gani and Dror Paz

Recorded & shot live @ Barby Club, Tel Aviv

Buttering Trio - JAM

image description

Guadaloop / Rejoicer - Eyal Talmudi + Roy Chen - Saved My Eyes From Tears

image description

Kalimist - Kalimist K Boog

image description

Buttering Trio @ Boiler Room

Sol Monk - Beats, Not Words

image description

Playdead - The Hipster Move

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Compilation - Puzzles Vol. 2

image description

Mo Rayon - The Feels

image description

Mo Rayon - Tales From The Chimney

image description

Guadaloop / Rejoicer - Afarica

image description

KerenDun - Shakin' The Tips

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Guadaloop / Rejoicer - Stay Low

image description

Radixx - REMIXED

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Nomok - Blind Kick

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Guadaloop / Rejoicer - Recollection

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Beno - Beastie Boys Remixes

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Guadaloop / Rejoicer - Yuka - Calo Wood vol. 1

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Mo Rayon - Astral Walks Forever

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Luqman - Synthesizer Colossus

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Buttering Trio - Toast

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Citizen Kane - Puzzles Vol. 1

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CohenBeats - Milk & Honey

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Radixx - Honey Roast

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Beno - Game Over

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KerenDun - Subconscious Leak

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Radixx - Switched on Misfits

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Buttering Trio - Tired Love

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Sinez - Yelloweed

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Beno - Galaxy Cross

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Plusga - Blasphemy (Instrumentals)

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Plusga - Blasphemy EP

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Playdead - Plastic Bags 4 Atmosphere

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Guadaloop / Rejoicer - Just The Truth

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Table Knights - Gutter Cats

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Radixx - Raamses

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Luqman - Altered Thinking

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Mad Steve - No 2

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Citizen Kane - B.A.B.O.B

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Buttering Trio - Party Bear EP

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Sinez - Wood

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Mad Steve - No

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Sinez - Chrysanthemum

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Guadaloop / Rejoicer - I & I Rejoice

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Sinez - Luckhour

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Guadaloop / Rejoicer - Beats 2010

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Radixx - Ridiculouxx

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Radixx - Black Keys (Single)

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Guadaloop / Rejoicer - Desired in the 3 Worlds

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Plusga - Beat Batch #2

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Mad Steve - Street Hype EP

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Guadaloop / Rejoicer - Phat Pharmacy Mix

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