PlayDead – The Hipster Move

9 Apr

KerenDun & Echo – I’ll Follow You (Official Video)

24 Mar

Puzzles Vol. 2

1 Mar


Unlike most of our releases that focus on one artist, the Puzzles series compiles music from many different artists within the Raw Tapes household. 
We tried to capture the current collective soundscape, homogeneous yet diverse, in 9 beats.



L.B.T – How Come You Call (Kicha Studio Sessions)

25 Feb

Coming to you from the live session recordings, here is L.B.Ts’ “How Come You Call”
Stay tuned for our full length video

L.B.T – Go Your Way (Kicha Studio Sessions)

13 Jan


L.B.T is proud to present our first single off our upcoming full length video, “Go Your Way”.
Recorded live at Kicha Studios.

Ruti x Raw Tapes Productions

Amir Bresler (Drums)
Beno Hendler (Bass)
Nomok (Rhodes & Synth)
Rejoicer (Synth)
Asaf Shay (Sound)
Mo Rayon (Vocals)
Tamuz Dekel (Guitar)
KerenDun (Vocals)
Yudko (Sampler & Saxophone)
Rebel Sun (Vocals)
DJ Mesh (Turntable)
Echo (Vocals)

Recorded & Mixed by Asaf Shay
Additional Mix by Nomok

Filmed & Edited by Ram Matza
Additional Cinematography by Boaz Aquino
After Effects by Dioz

Mo Rayon – The Feels

1 Jan

Mo Rayon is a sensitive dude. In this second album, the erratic maestro crafted 9 syrupy, luscious beats as a suitable ground for his peculiar singing and rapping, revealing his kaleidoscope world of emotions.

To his words, “Back when I had the feels, I knew it must be for reals”.

Mo Rayon + Beno + Mesh + Nomok – Tales From The Chimney

25 Dec

Mo Rayon on the raps, Mesh on the cuts, Beno on the production and Nomok with the synths! 

Enjoy this hazy christmas production! HO ho HO

Design by Deso @ Broken Fingaz


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