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By Sinez , Guadaloop / Rejoicer

After working together as a duo for the last 4 years, Rejoicer and Sinez had decided to finally put together an album consisting of their best beats as Open SRC. A lot of beats were mere sketches or unfinished, mostly because, all though close friends, they both have a different mindset and attitude. That forced them to find common grounds, which at points seemed to be too experimental or, on the other hand, too basic (for them). Their debute album, "Wood", tries to unite those beats which represent the perfect collision between the two minds, creating soulful & energetic beats, which are simply on-point.

Arranged and Mixed by Open SRC (Rejoicer and Sinez) @ Raw Tapes Studio, 2010

*Except Tracks 1,3,6,9 - @ Rejoicer Studio, 2009|2010

Artwork and Design by Jengo