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The Weight

By CohenBeats , KerenDun
This short EP (3 tunes) is the first cooperation of CohenBeats and KerenDun.
This sounds like the beginning of a long-lasting friendship. So we hope. Cohen’s heavy dirty beats, with the addition of KerenDun’s smooth vocals and straight up hippie lyrics brings a fresh new sound. The theme song from the release, “Weight”, was released on our Puzzles vol.2 collection in 2014 and is now re-released in this EP - ‘The Weight’.

KerenDun: “Cohen’s presence makes me bring something other than my default output. He’s an incredible producer, with an ear to the small details and to the right build up of a song.”

Cohenbeats: "I always wanted to work with a vocalist, and Keren was really the best one I could ask for, not just because of her unique voice, but also because of her amazing songwriting skills and attitude. She really brought out things I didn't know existed in my beats."


released 12 March 2015

Produced by Cohenbeats

Written by KerenDun & Cohenbeats

Vocals by KerenDun

Mixed by Ori Shochat

Mastered by Asaf Shay

Cover Photography by Michael Topyol

Cover Art by Spoiled Bastard

Executive Producer - Osbourne "Ease" Green