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Switched on Misfits

By Radixx

About 2 years ago Radixx came up with an idea of covering some songs of The Misfits, a horror-punk band from the late 70's, and reinterpreting them in a new style. This is what he had to say about it: "What I basically loved about The Misfits was the dirty, dark, epic vibe they put out. Some melodies just kept haunting me up until today so I had to re-create them in some way..." Radixx made a few tracks 2 years ago when the idea originally came up, but wasn't satisfied with them and so the project was shoved to the shelves. About a month ago he apparntly got the vision back, making 7 new tracks that reflect the new world of sounds that is available in 2012. Trying to incorporate various emotions through the tracks, some are heavier, some are more soulful and some are just plain insane. While some tracks here seem to vaguely remind of the originals, some would be hard to compare to their originals even by the biggest Misfits fans...Radixx definitely took it a few levels up. Think of it as The Misfits on acid. 

The original ideas of the songs (and the names of the songs) are by The Misfits

All songs were re-composed and re-produced by Radixx

Mastered by Rejoicer

Design by Raw Sun