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By Diamond Estate

It was around sunset on a beautiful and quiet spring day in south Tel-Aviv when ​drummer Yonadav Halevy, guitarist Yonatan Albalak, bass​ist​ Yogev Glusman​, ​keyboardist Eden Ladin​ and engineer Jonathan Jacobi​ convened on a rooftop with a cluster of instruments and a mixing board to record a live ​improvised​​ session.​ They invited a few friends, peers and family members up and from the first note played all knew - this is magic.

The resulting album is a walk with friends down a winding path at dusk for an evening of stargazing and the promise of an occasional meteor shower.

The Diamond Estate’s music is as their name suggests- fractal, precise and shimmering. Comprising four distinct globetrotting artists, gems of the local music scene, this spontaneous ensemble has a singular soul of its own. These impromptu compositions on the rooftop at eventide flow and progress in a sort of musical binary fission, arriving at, or rather morphing in and out of Ladin’s “Lonely Arcade Man”, creating an elegant centerpiece and a point of reference.

Gently spinning through emotions and chemicals, via minerals and semiconductors, grooving and contemplative, inviting your interpretation and involvement, this is an album to loop.



Yonatan Albalak - Guitar, Op1

Eden Ladin - Keyboards

Yogev Glusman - Bass

Yonadav Halevy - Drums

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jonathan Jacobi

Recording Assistant - Idan Hershko

Edited by Yonatan Albalak

Recorded live on Yudko and Ella’s Rooftop at sunset on 8th, April, 2015

All music spontaneously composed by The Diamond Estate except "Lonely

Arcade Man” by Eden Ladin

Album Cover By Kobi Vogman

"Usurper Pirate" contains a sample from “Reprise” by Ben van Gelder

Thank you:

Ella, Yudko, Dioz, folks who came to the show, and whoever's listening out there :)