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By Radixx

Radixx had always said that without electronic music and the ever-developing technology, he would have not made what could nowadays be called music. We guess that these are the times of Radixx. Some people cry about the analogue days, some people praise the new technologies that allow more artist to express their thoughts and emotions. We're not quite sure about the meaning of the name Raamses, and either does Radixx. Probably high doses of Sun Ra and SG-1 as a child made the connection between Egyptian Pharoas, music and electronics. He did say something about a series albums named after Egyptian Pharoas "Mainly because the names are def unique, like the ish I'm trying to put out". This is Radixx's third release on Raw Tapes. 

All tracks composed, produced and mixed by Radixx

Except tracks 05 and 08, vibes and weed by Plusga

Design by Jengo

Executive Producer: Osbourne Green