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Puzzles Vol. 1

By Citizen Kane , Plusga , KerenDun , CohenBeats , Beno , Luqman , Guadaloop / Rejoicer , Mad Steve , Sinez and Radixx

3 years ago we have put out a CD compiling beats from all the Raw Tapes beat makers and producers. It was our 2nd release ever and we were very proud of it, putting out lots of singles, albums, EPs and mixtapes since. We have always believed that Raw Tapes is merely the sum of its artists, thus felt a need for another compilation. So here it is, an 11 track album by the 11 beat makers and producers you have loved every single month for the past couple of years.

Music by Plusga, KerenDun, CohenBeats, Beno Hendler, Luqman Rejoicer//Guadaloop, Mad Steve, Citizen Kane, Sinez & Radixx

Mastering by Jonathan Jacobi

Art and Design by Jengo

Executive Producer - Osbourne "Ease" Green