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By Sinez , Guadaloop / Rejoicer and Plusga

You probably want to hear the whole story behind this 5 track album, so here it is, digital black on white - DJ Werd invited the some of the Raw Tapes crew - Rejoicer, Plusga and Dubz to play for 2 nights, in Berlin and in Dresden. The whole gang (plus Soundpeices who also joined in) spent a week at Werd's studio in Luckauer Strasse, Berlin. Vibing together in the studio, these 5 beats were made.

*track 1 - Produced by Plusga, Sinez and Rejoicer. Mixed by Plusga

*track 2 - Produced by Open SRC (Rejoicer and Dubz). Scratches by DJ Werd. Mixed by Rejoicer

*track 3 - Produced and Mixed by Rejoicer

*track 4 - Produced by Sines. Mixed by Plusga. *track 5 - Produced by Sinez and DJ Werd. Mixed by Plusga

Design by Jengo

Executive Producer - Osbourne "Ease" Green