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Little Goat

By Buttering Trio

This releases includes "Little Goat" and "Ana Bhebak", two middle-eastern-influenced tracks, which naturally came together for this special release.

A take-off for the fusion of the old arab classic music with the new beat making, middle east meets west in this release, from Buttering Trio's point of view.

Little Goat

"Little Goat was conceived in 2012, it is our twist for the Pakistani Sampled melody, with a pinch of hebrew goat storytelling. On top of the folk melody we laid the beat which we recorded out of an old Farfisa. The bass, flutes and synths were all recorded lo-fi and outdoors, during the making of the live videoclip for the song. Additional claps and farm vibes were recorded at ‘Kol Hakampus Studios’. The oud solo was sampled from an old recording, found in our personal recordings database. Beno the bass player came up with the lyrics which tell of a fierce little goat, who dares, although she is little. All of these elements are brought together to form this song with its’ unique feel and sound, out of the ordinary in the trio’s repertoire, taking on a ride to the middle east."


I’m a little goat My mother was a goat But I’m brave and fearless Although I am little.

Ana Bhebak

This song was recorded durning a session at Trixx Studios in Berlin. This is a vibeful tune, with its’ exotic scale and hafla beat. Super bouncy beat upon which a never ending bass line, an enchanting harmony and a deep tenor saxophone lift the soul from the desert to the stars.


ana bahebak

ya habibi



released July 27, 2017

Music by Buttering Trio - KerenDun, Rejoicer, Beno

Mastered by Asaf Shay

Executive Producers : Dan Basman & Dundee Maghen for MEM Artists.

Cover Art by Tom Melnick

Special Thanks go to Uri Wertheim, Simona the goat, Trixx Studio (Berlin).

We would like to thank all the animals who inspired the song and made it possible for this record to be released