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Just The Truth

By Guadaloop / Rejoicer

Bajka is the people's voice, searching for the truth in a confusing reality where people don't ask right questions but want the right answers. But let's take it about 365 days ago (2011...) - Rejoicer moves to Berlin to start a new life, little does he know he is about to meet Bajka, a strong woman with an even stronger voice who is on the look out for fresh producers. 2 minutes is all it took for both to realize it was a heaven made match, Rejoicer's ambient yet powerfull synths and Bajka's mesmerizing, almost hypnotic voice, half rapping half preaching for a bright new world, fit together perfectly, pushing the boundaries of soul music into new soundscapes.

Vox by Bajka

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Rejoicer @ LuckHour Studios, Berlin

Mastered by Sholinger @ Berlin

Executive Producer: Osbourne "Ease" Green

Special Thanks to: DJ Werd, KerenDun, Jacki, Plusga.