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Him, on the other hand

By Jenny Penkin
'Him, on the other hand' is Jenny's 2nd release and her 1st installment on Raw Tapes Records. 
Produced by drummer/producer Sol Monk, and featuring some of the best musicians in Tel Aviv including Yonatan Albalak, Shuzin, Tomer Bar, Yogev Glusman, Elyasaf Bashari and more. 
This is a multi-colored urban-soul EP, and Jenny's debut album on Raw Tapes.
"This EP is about a process; a search for love, a search for self-acceptance. It's about overcoming your fears and all the lessons you learn as a young artist living in the city... I want people to identify, feel the story. I wish they'd listen to it while they drive, while they dance, while they're trippin, while they're sad, while they're happy..." - Jenny Penkin 

×´We made this music for the ears of groovy psychedelic funky dreamy music lovers, with vinyl drum samples from my living room and vibes from space and time" 
- Aviv Cohen (Sol Monk) 
Music by Jenny Penkin & Sol Monk 

Produced & Recorded by Sol Monk 
Mixed & Mastered By Asaf Shay 
Lyrics & Vocals by Jenny Penkin 
Drums by Sol Monk 
Sol Monk proudly plays on this album - Istanbul Mehmet cymbals and Innovative Percussion drumsticks 

Art captured and designed by Nimrod Rothem 
Additional design by Jengo