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Galaxy Cross

By Beno , Guadaloop / Rejoicer

Smoking the best weed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, hasn't slowed down Beno and Rejoicer a bit - they fire up beats by the minute. One would think that making so many beats in such a short period of time results in a monotonous plethora but on the contrary - many different styles, different BPMs, using many tools of trade such as Moog, African and Swiss percussion, guitars and bass guitars, Ableton Live, Harps, all sorts of old and obscure synthesizers - just to name a few! An omnicultural celebration of beats.

Produced by: Beno Hendler and Rejoicer

Mixed by Asaf Shay & Identical Testicle @ Kicha

Keys on "10 G" by Piloni

Vox and vibes on "Dragons" by KerenDun

Harp on "Say Wow" by Renana Hendler Ne'eman

Mastered by: Marko Gurcan @ Kicha

Photography by: Haidi Motola

Design by: Jengo

Executive Producer: Osbourne "Ease" Green