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Diving Shadows

By Calo Wood feat Ester Rada

Calo Wood is an ongoing series of releases created by Tel Aviv producer Rejoicer & saxophonist Eyal Talmudi, in which every album is led by a different vocalist, while the two handle the beats. After a successful first release with Japanese singer Yuka they knew exactly who they wanted to be their new vocal lead - Israeli rising Ethiopian soulstress Ester Rada.

Like its predecessor, “Diving Shadows”, was born in the Israeli desert. Tel Aviv producer Rejoicer took a car full of gear and drove south to Ze’elim, a magical Kibbutz settled deep in the Negev desert, where he met with his good friend Eyal Talmudi.
They set up shop and started a non-stop recording session, taking inspiration from their surrounding landscape and jamming with local groove pioneers Kutiman (on synths) and Uri Kinorot (on guitar). After two days of making beats, they were joined by Rada, who had just come back from an international tour. On the same night of her arrival, they created 3 full songs.Three nights later, the album was complete.

The energy of this spontaneous meeting of minds, set to the serene backdrop of clear skies and bright sand dunes, is the core of this album. The creative freedom which seems to be found only when being far from the big city gave wings to these three artists to explore various musical territories; Hip Hop, Blues, Afrobeat, Ethiopian rhythms and R’n’B hooks all collide in this quiet desert storm. Rada jumps effortlessly between styles and languages, singing and rapping in English, Hebrew & Amharic about matters of the heart, mind & soul.
released March 28, 2016

Produced by Rejoicer & Eyal Talmudi (Calo Wood)

Lyrics & Vox by Ester Rada

Saxophone, Horns, Percussion & Keys - Eyal Talmudi

Bass, Keys & Drums by Rejoicer

Guitar on tracks 1+6 - Uri Brauner Kinrot

Bass & Percussion on tracks 1+2 - Kutiman

Keys on track 3 - Shuzin (3421)

Bass on track 10 - Beno Hendler

Lyrics on track 1 - Bati (Traditional Ethiopian Song)
on track 5 by Eyal Talmudi
on track 6 by Haim Guri
on track 7 by Mahmud Ahmad

Mixed by Rejoicer
Mastering by Asaf Shay
Art inspired by Jengo drawing: Tom Kariv
Executive Producer - State Of Bliss