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Beyond The Things I Know

By Sefi Zisling

"A dialogue between bright and dark colours, solid grooves and abstract melodies – this album is the fruit of a sincere and open talk, unfolding the paths that lead beyond the things I know. I feel Grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with Rejoicer and some of my closest friends."   -  Sefi Zisling

"Our search for the astral notes to make cosmic songs and sun-light rhythms was a deep experience for me. Meditating with Sefi, on the months before recording the album, included long talks (about anything from childhood memories to lucid dreams), back-to-back DJ sets and massive vinyl listening sessions. We wrote and recorded the album in 3 magical and euphoric days that were a humbling yet mind-blowing adventure. Sefi and i first met in high-school and 12 years later, making this music together, i feel like we walked a full circle."  -  Rejoicer (The Dove)