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Beats, Not Words

By Sol Monk , Guadaloop / Rejoicer

"I am very happy to present this album - made with love for music and spiritual search. Rejoicer's effortless and easy approach to the creation process kept the music and workflow fresh, while some of my good friends, who also happen to be my favorite musicians, contributed to the amazing atmosphere in the studio. This music was created first of all in the name of music."-- Sol Monk

"we visioned the album to be banging and surprising from the start so we used hella side chain, extreme drums mic-ing positions, weird old vinyls and massive analog synths" -- Rejoicer (The Dove) 



Produced by Rejoicer & Sol Monk

Mixed by Rejoicer

Recorded by Asaf Shay & Rejoicer

Drums and OP1 by Sol Monk

Trumpet by Avishai Cohen

Double-bass and Bass Guitar by Avri Borohov

Guitar by Jonathan Albalalk

Synths by Nomok & Rejoicer

Bass by Beno Hendler

Vocals by Jarvis, Mo Rayon and Shuzin

Additional Mixing by Nomok

Mastering by Asaf Shay 

Photography by Michael Topyol

Design by Spoiled Bastard

Executive Prodcuer - Asaf Ben David