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Beats 2010

By Guadaloop / Rejoicer , Nomok , Citizen Kane and Mad Steve

We have carefully selected the dopest beats of the past 12 months by one of our most productive producers - The Guadaloop. Some of the tracks on the album are Party Bangers, a few are more of the "stay-home-and-hug-your-girl" type of Beats and all together its a perfect way to end the best Guadaloop year yet.

all tracks mixed and produced by The Guadaloop @ Raw Tapes Studio

*except - Track 3 - Produced by Rejoicer Track 5 - Produced by GuadaLaMesh (Guadaloop and DJ Mesh)

Track 16 - Produced by Guadaloop, Citizen Kane and Mad Steve

Tracks 6, 14, 18 - Mixed by Daniel Atai and Guadaloop

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 9 - Produced by Guadaloop @ LuckHour Studio, Berlin

Track 13 - Synths by Nomok, Co-Produced by Guadaloop and Rejoicer

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