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Altered Thinking

By Luqman

We are pleased to announce Luqman's debut EP - Altered Thinking. A jazz guitarist, coming from a musical background of punk and jazz, Luqman came across some Dilla and Madlib beats which made him drop the strings and pick up the drum pads. 1 year later, and this 21 year young cat is grasping the beat movement by the balls. As a guitarist Luqman was always dependant on his fellow band members to create a whole song and be able to fully implement his visions - but now he's calling the shots. And thank god he does. Some jazzy, 8-bit chords, some phat saw waves, drums so raw they almost sound acoustic.

All tracks produced and mixed by Luqman

except track 7 produced by Luq@dasinez

Art & Design by Jengo

Photograph by Opal Kravchuk

Executive Producer: Osbourne "Ease" Green.