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KerenDun is a multi instrumentalist (percussion & saxophone) singer/songwriter, a third of Buttering Trio as well as a Producer.

Born in 86', Keren started her musical way as a percussionist and vocalist, studying Jazz at the Thelma Yelin School of Arts. Keren made her way thru various ensembles ranging from salsa to prog rock and experimental music, and into the world of production. in 2012 Keren released her first solo album on Raw Tapes, titled 'Subconscious Leak', in 2013 she released the praised EP 'Shakin' The Tips' and in 2015 another full album titled 'What It Is' was released.

Keren is a third of the 'Buttering Trio', performing around the world since 2012 and releasing 4 installments on Raw Tapes, the last being 'Threesome' LP. 

Keren brings the womaly vibes to the Raw Tapes family thru her solo projects and her many cooperations with other artists such as Dj Mesh, CohenBeats, Rejoicer, Echo, Sol Monk and more. 

Making her way thru jazz, hip hop and indian music, Keren's music is a head on collision of the best of all worlds. African rhythms, loads of percussions and soft synths combined with her warm vocals and unique story-telling creates the bewitching atmosphere that surrounds her music wherever it goes.