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Buttering Trio

Buttering Trio are three hippie looking gentle souls from Tel Aviv trying to bring the funk to the desert. Using heavy beats, fat bass lines and sweet yet poignant lyrics, they try to bring some peace in a troubled region. What started out as studio jams in a smoky basement in Berlin evolved into a world-wide-touring music-making three headed love monster.


Rejoicer, Beno and KerenDun are all musicians and producers, a fact that is felt in their uncompromising sound. Their live show is a non-stop experience, one psychedelic groovy journey through the mixture of their subconscious minds.  The trio's combination of loop-based beats with live instruments (saxophone, vocals, synths and bass) creates a natural and refreshing flow between atmospheric sounds, jazz explorations, and broken rhythms.



Their psychedelic voyage, (also known as the live show) appeared in several places around the globe through massive venues (Jazz Café in Camden, Global Copenhagen), underground clubs (Bi Nuu in Berlin, Loftas in Lithuania) and big festivals (Fusion Festival).


"You guys are fucking awesome"  - The Gaslamp Killer


“Their debut album “Toast”… firmly embraces the spirit of trip hop, taking it’s lead from Portishead and smearing it with all sorts of goodies. There’s so much to like here - the Aphex squelches and helium chants of “Falafel”, the warm farfisa swirls and louche beats of “Tired Love”, the different languages and found sounds, the dubstep touches and infectious grooves- you really won’t know where to begin.”  -


Electronic Sound Magazine