Voodoo at Home

By Rejoicer2021

  • Art by Unga (Broken Fingaz)

    Art by Unga (Broken Fingaz)

Voodoo at Home

By Rejoicer

40 NIS

Recorded both in Stones Throw studios in Los Angeles and Rejoicer's studio in the outskirts of Tel Aviv, these pieces of music are somehow a continuation of Rejoicer's albums from recent years on the legendary Stones Throw.
Most of the music was written in a few days with Amir Bresler and Nitai Hershkovits in LA in a very smokey, high-THC, introverted, weird-out the aliens landed atmosphere which gave the album its title and unique sounds.

Credits //

Music by Rejoicer

Written with Nitai Hershkovits & Amir Bresler

Drum Programming and Samples By Rejoicer
Keys and Synths by Rejoicer & Nitai Hershkovits
Drums, Bass Guitar and Sitar by Amir Bresler

Recorded at Stones Throw Studios, LA
Mixed by Rejoicer @ Arpad, Savidor
Mastered by Asaf Shay @ Halal Studios, TLV

Art by Unga (Broken Fingaz)

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