Too Much Too Soon

By iogi & Rejoicer2022

  • Photo by Daniel Vogman, Design by Firme Atelier

    Photo by Daniel Vogman, Design by Firme Atelier

Too Much Too Soon

By iogi & Rejoicer

20 NIS

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It may be called Too Much Too Soon, but the new EP from iogi and Rejoicer is arriving right on time: September 23, 2022, out on Raw Tapes. The collection is a burst of creativity caught on tape — a five-day session at Stones Throw Studios in Highland Park, Los Angeles, that blossomed into a 5-song EP fusing the styles of both Tel Aviv musicians into a colorful kaleidoscope of beats and grooves. Too Much Too Soon was born back in 2019; Rejoicer and iogi were out in LA over a holiday weekend — the former a Raw Tapes founder and Stones Throw artist and producer, the latter deep in the creation of his second album (Raw Tapes’ everything’s worth it). The concept was simple — the friends wrote a song a day, and everything was allowed. “He’s a ‘yes and’ type of producer,” says iogi. Rejoicer brought his mind-expanding palette of beats, synths and rattling bass; iogi laid floating melodies and surrealist lyrics on top. “We’d drink some strong coffee and started exploring a new chord progression.” The result is a playful, funky, summer-dance-floor record — hazy and chilled out, but with a jolt that’ll get heads bouncing.


Composed, Produced, and Mixed by Yogev Glusman and Rejoicer
Lyrics by Yogev Glusman (iogi)
Mastered and Additional Mixing by Asaf Shay
Photo by Daniel Vogman
Design by Firme Atelier
Recorded at the Stones Throw Studio in LA

Photo by Daniel Vogman, Design by Firme Atelier

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