Things On Top Of Each Other

By LayerZ2015

  • Cover art and design by Signalstarr, Logo by Ella Ponizovsky

    Cover art and design by Signalstarr, Logo by Ella Ponizovsky

Things On Top Of Each Other

By LayerZ

40 NIS

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Written and recorded during a 3 day session in the studio, there is a spontaneous and relaxing vibe on this album. Even the more intense and "angry" tunes tend to soften up in the end and dissolve into the creamy-washy space that creates the album atmosphere.

It feels like its a natural progression from "Memory Towers" - their first album recorded in 2012. Albalak was inspired to write lyrics and sing, Aviv recorded a solo album (Sol Monk) and got more into beats/electronica and Abro kept perfecting his bass lines and grooves.

The guests - KerenDun, Nitai Hershekovits and Marina Maximiliian Blumin - added a beautiful and unique musical touch. Each of them with his distinct color and attitude found a way to integrate and contribute in the best possible way, like a 4th band member.

Credits //

LayerZ are

Yonatan Albalak - Guitar, Keyboards, Voice
Gilad Abro - Bass, Keyboards
Aviv Cohen (Sol Monk) - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards

Nitai Hershkovits - Keyboards [6,12], Piano [11]
KerenDun - Voice [4,7,11]
Marina Maximilian Blumin - Voice [9,10]
Eyal Talmudi - Tenor Saxophone [11]

Music composed and played by LayerZ except:
[6,12] - by LayerZ & Nitai Hershkovits
[9] - by LayerZ & Marina Maximilian Blumin
[7] - by LayerZ & KerenDun
[11] - by LayerZ, Nitai Hershkovits & KerenDun

Lyrics by
Yonatan Albalak [2, 5, 10]
Marina Maximilian Blumin [9]
KerenDun [7,11]

Produced and mixed by Rejoicer
Shabi Intense mixed by Beno Hendler
Recorded and mastered by Asaf Shay
Recording assistant - Nomok

Cover art and design by Signalstarr, Logo by Ella Ponizovsky

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