The Chase After Tomorrow

By BEMET2015

  • Photos by Michael Topyol, Design by Jengo and Spoiled Bastard

    Photos by Michael Topyol, Design by Jengo and Spoiled Bastard

The Chase After Tomorrow


40 NIS

"One of my biggest mentors Bootsy Collins once said - embrace it & funk it up. This album is about love and mostly embracing.
Thank you Rejoicer for Chasing After Tomorrow with me.
It was intellectually and mentally a huge experience letting you figure out my other sides and funk it up.
Thank god for giving KerenDun her talent. Keren is tomorrow.
Rebel sun is the meaning of vibes for me.
Much respect to Free the Robots on the nasty load of cash beats.
Also, Raz Shmueli for the irreplaceable input .
Assaf Talmudi is the number one hit maker in the Holy country .
Much love to Nomok on the deep absorption power ‫.‬
Big hug for the Dunietz family for letting the best studio in the middle east to exist.
Ayelet Feldberg the motive.
High regards to the Raw Tapes crew.
Thank you Tommy for the sun.
You are all part of the BEMET Family." Hod Moshonov (BEMET)

"LOVE was very present in all sorts of different ways while Hod and me created this album. LOVE for music and sounds, human beings and animals, energies, dynamics and basically everything around us. We had a beautiful 3 days bonding in the studio where we got to know each other better, listened to old Sun Ra records and found our joined musical path" Rejoicer

Credits //

Farfisa, Piano, Nord, Juno 60, Mini Korg, Little Phatty Moog, Vocoder & Keytar by Hod Moshonov
Drums by Rejoicer

Produced by Rejoicer & Hod Moshonov
Mixed by Rejoicer

Vocals & Lyrics -
track 2+12+13 by Hod Moshonov
track 2 by KerenDun
track 6+10 by Rebel Sun

Vocals on track 10 +12 by Raz Shmueli
Farfisa on track 12 - Assaf Talmudi
Drums on track 2 - Free The Robots
Recording Assistant - Nomok

Mastering by Stefan Kraatz
Executive producer - Osbourne "Ease" Green

Photos by Michael Topyol, Design by Jengo and Spoiled Bastard

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