The Audience

By Eyal Talmudi & Rejoicer2022

  • Art and Design by Geffen Refaeli

    Art and Design by Geffen Refaeli

The Audience

By Eyal Talmudi & Rejoicer

40 NIS

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The Audience is 10 tracks of stripped-down, beautifully flowing free jazz: Talmudi perpetually weaving in and out of cosmic melodies and Rejoicer setting his partner’s sax afloat with echoing pianos and quivering synths. The friends dreamed up the project in late 2020 — a truly minimal sound, ideas distilled to their essence — and recorded through fall 2021. All the compositions were improvised and recorded on the spot, each song unpredictable. “You can feel that it’s live,” says Talmudi. “These songs are breathing. The music is happening right before you.” Rejoicer reigned in Talmudi’s frenetic, chaotic playing to match their psychedelic lullaby vision: “He managed to get me into the studio and play soft and melodic,” says Talmudi. That’s no easy feat — and the result is straight out of a dream you don’t want to wake up from.

Credits //
All Music Composed and Produced by Eyal Talmudi & Rejoicer
Additional Composition by Nitai Hershkovits (Tracks 1+7)
Recorded and mixed by Rejoicer @ Arpad Studios
Mastered by Uri "Mixmonster" Wertheim

Eyal Talmudi - Clarinet, Tenor & Baritone Sax, Flute, Percussion
Rejoicer - Piano, Synths
Nitai Hershkovits - Piano, Synths on tracks 1+7

Art and Design by Geffen Refaeli

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