By Yonatan Daskal2021

  • Artwork by Jengo

    Artwork by Jengo


By Yonatan Daskal


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A two-track single release by one of the more intriguing musicians around - Yonatan Daskal.

The first track ’Sonatina' is a piano-and-synths-only piece. A peek into Daskal’s upcoming debut solo album, 'Romantican' co-produced with Rejoicer, reveals Daskal's harmonically rich and rhythmically driven universe. The second track is the Sonatina Remix, produced by the legendary electronic duo Red Axes; a techno delight club interpretation.

Credits //

Music by Yonatan Daskal
Remix by Red Axes
Synths (prophet 6, prophet x, nord wave) by Yonatan Daskal
Produced by Rejoicer & Daskal
Mixed by Rejoicer at “Arpad”
Mastered by Asaf Shay at “Halal studios”

Artwork by Jengo

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