Shakin' The Tips

By KerenDun2013

  • Art by Jengo

    Art by Jengo

Shakin' The Tips

By KerenDun

10 NIS

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"Something strange is coming your way"

There's a strong energy flow in KerenDun's music - creating a very fluid world and a lucid-dream like feeling.

Keren's second installment on RT is a clear and natural musical evolution.

After recording in the last year 2 studio albums with Buttering Trio and performing live with her own music, she releases this mesmerizing 4 tracks album.

Credits //

Written, Produced and Mixed by KerenDun
Track 3 Produced with Yudko
Mastering by Asaf Shay
Executive Producer - Osbourne "Ease" Green

Art by Jengo

Track list


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