By Roy Harmon2015

  • Cover Art by Amit Jakie David

    Cover Art by Amit Jakie David


By Roy Harmon

30 NIS

Meet Roy Harmon, in his first installment on Raw Tapes, made with analogue synthesizers, tape delays, spring reverbs and many other studio toys.

After many years of playing jazz trumpet, he had discovered the simple and raw melodies of Adi Gelbart's "Mass Hypnosis by Proxy", which caused him to purchase two analogue synths and immediately started experimenting and recording.

Roy's compositions make you feel like happiness and sadness are getting along quite well. Non-complex yet thoroughly layered is the reason your son would love it, as well as your mom.

Credits //

Compesed, Produced & Mixed by Roy Harmon
Juno-60, Roland SH3a, Yamaha CS-15, Farfisa Fast 5, Space Echo 150

Vocals on track 3 by Daniella Turgeman

Mastered by Rejoicer

Executive Prodcuer - Osbourne "Ease" Green

Cover Art by Amit Jakie David

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