By Imajin2019

  • Artwork by M Fatchurofi

    Artwork by M Fatchurofi


By Imajin

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Imajin is the new project produced, composed and played by Nitai Hershkovits, recorded both in New York and Tel Aviv. Over the past 2 years Nitai recorded and filmed many Imajin sessions for this album as well as on social media, creating a special work flow and sonic playfulness.

The mixture between organic sounds (piano, clarinet, percussion) and electronic sounds (synths, drum programming) creates the unique landscape of the album while the melodies and harmonies are somehow child-like, familiar and comforting. It's a pleasure to hear such a skillful jazz pianist and composer work in a more electronic, modern studio environment, crafting unusual textures yet remaining true to a musical "core" essence.

Credits //

All music composed by Nitai Hershkovits
'Earth Wait' composed by Nitai Hershkovits, Sharada Shashidhar & Jamael Dean

Produced and mixed by Nitai Hershkovits
Mastered by Asaf Shay
Keys by Rejoicer (3)

Earth Wait
Keys, Drum Programming by Imajin
Piano, Keys by Jamael Dean
Vocals by Sharada Shashidhar
Strings by Yogev Glusman
Bass by Yonatan Albalak

Artwork by M Fatchurofi

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