Him, On the Other Hand

By Jenny Penkin2018

  • Art captured and designed by Nimrod Rothem, Additional design by Jengo

    Art captured and designed by Nimrod Rothem, Additional design by Jengo

Him, On the Other Hand

By Jenny Penkin

20 NIS

"This EP is about a process; a search for love, a search for self-acceptance. It's about overcoming your fears and all the lessons you learn as a young artist living in the city... I want people to identify, feel the story. I wish they'd listen to it while they drive, while they dance, while they're trippin, while they're sad, while they're happy..." - Jenny Penkin

״We made this music for the ears of groovy psychedelic funky dreamy music lovers, with vinyl drum samples from my living room and vibes from space and time"
- Aviv Cohen (Sol Monk)

Jenny Penkin is a Tel-Aviv based singer, born in Moscow and raised in Bat-Yam. Jenny studied in "Rimon" school of music as well as in Berklee collage of music. Jenny released the EP "Jennesis" with Uri Selinger and Avri G, and performed as a backing vocalist for Marina Maximilian Blumin. In the last year, Jenny began working with drummer/producer Aviv Cohen aka Sol Monk.

'Him, on the other hand' is Jenny's 2nd release and her 1st installment on Raw Tapes Records.
Produced by drummer/producer Sol Monk, and featuring some of the best musicians in Tel Aviv including Yonatan Albalak, Shuzin, Tomer Bar, Yogev Glusman, Elyasaf Bashari and more.
This is a multi-colored urban-soul EP, and Jenny's debut album on Raw Tapes.

Credits //

Music by Jenny Penkin & Sol Monk
Produced & Recorded by Sol Monk
Mixed & Mastered By Asaf Shay
Lyrics & Vocals by Jenny Penkin
Drums by Sol Monk
Sol Monk proudly plays on this album - Istanbul Mehmet cymbals and Innovative Percussion drumsticks

-- Track Credits --
Bass by Yonatan Albalak (1, 4),  Elyasaf Bashari (3, 5), Yogev Glusman (6)
Keys by Jenny Penkin (1, 4),  Yonatan Daskal (3, 6), Sol Monk (4, 5, 6), Yonatan Albalak (6)
Violins by Yogev Glusman (4, 6)
Piano by Nomok (5)

Additional edit by Shuzin (1, 6)
Keys, Synth bass, Vocoder and additional composing by Tomer Bar (2)
Additional lyrics and composing by Sol Monk (4)
Additional Composing by Yonatan Albalak & Sol Monk (6)
Additional lyrics by Sol Monk & Assaf Amdursky (6)

Art captured and designed by Nimrod Rothem, Additional design by Jengo

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