Cookie Stars

By Duo Brothers2021

  • Artwork by Linja

    Artwork by Linja

Cookie Stars

By Duo Brothers

40 NIS

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Welcome back to our dope lil universe.

We’re stoked to announce Cookie Stars, the second album from one of Raw Tapes’ most impressive instrumental lineups, the Duo Brothers. Visionary local staples Sol Monk and Yonatan Levy have taken the cool from their debut album to another level, lifting off into “spaceship jazz” territory. Cookie Stars sends you out into orbit, each song a planet onto itself, leaving pleasureful tastes from different atmospheres but never drifting too far from home. Think Khrubangin meets psychedelic jazz: groovy synths, soft riffs, and flowing beats all effortlessly bounce off of one another, masterfully spaced and minimalistic, leaving each room to breathe.

Cookie Stars takes you on a chill journey towards the stars. Enjoy the ride!

Credits //

All tracks composed by Yonatan Levy except Rough Waters by Elyasaf Bashari

Produced by Aviv Cohen (Sol Monk) and Yonatan Levy
Recorded and engineered Aviv Cohen at Saloniki Studios
Mixed by Aviv Cohen (Sol Monk) and Yonatan Levy
Mastered by Asaf Shay

Artwork by Linja

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