Color With Friends

By PlayDead2017

  • Cover Art by Kip (Broken Fingaz)

    Cover Art by Kip (Broken Fingaz)

Color With Friends

By PlayDead

40 NIS

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On May 2054, two extremely colourful individuals entered a studio to record their lifetime memories in two days.

It was a long session gathering all emotions possible. They were laughing and hugging, embracing the love they have for music and life - but then, all of a sudden, howling and crying from simply saying the word - MADA. Yes! these are very strange and dynamic characters.

A vast range of feelings is captured in the output - 11 mesmerising tunes that will ignite nostalgic and adventurous ideas in any listener, either young or old. Just like the duo playDead - we recommend you pick a suitable companion and get ready for a wonderful trip in a fresh environment.

Credits //

Music by playDead
Recording Engineer: Adir "Doctor" Dadia
Engineer Assistants: Omer Luz and Shahar Yadreni
All instruments by Rejoicer and Shuzin

Vocals and lyrics by Shuzin
Additional drums and percussion by Amir Bresler (In your Dreams, Cowboy Mask)
Oboe by Meirav Kadichevski (In Your Dreams, Doctor Dream Happy Pancake)

Mastered by Asaf Shay

Cover Art by Kip (Broken Fingaz)

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