Calm On

By Nomok2021

  • Artwork by Nomok

    Artwork by Nomok

Calm On

By Nomok

40 NIS

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Nomok's debut album "Calm On" is a massage for clearing the mind, delivering 19 instrumental tunes featuring solo work alongside collaborative endeavors with Nitai Hershkovits, Rejoicer, Jenny Penkin, Tal Kohavi, Roi Avivi, Omri Shani, Amir Bresler, Sefi Zisling and Tamuz Dekel.
The atmospheric sounds in nature emote feelings of a wide range, sometimes leaning towards more demanding realms sonically. Scattered throughout this one hour and a half are synthesized and organic tones in broad strokes seeking to create a vast opening for ambiance to blend in.


Music Composed by Nomok

Produced, Recorded, Mixed by Nomok
Mastered by Asaf Shay

Nomok - synthesizers and electronic manipulations

Co-produced and Additional compositions by
Nitai Hershkovits - synthesizers on tracks 1, 2, 3, 10, 18, 19, bass on track 2
Rejoicer - synthesizers on tracks 4, 5, 10, 15, 16
Tal Kohavi - drums on track 2, electronic percussion on track 18
Amir Bresler - electronic manipulation on tracks 8, 14, drums on track 19
Jenny Penkin - vocals on track 13
Sefi Zisling - trumpet and cymbals on track 15
Tamuz Dekel - guitar on track 12
Omri Shani - bass on track 7
Roi Avivi - guitar on track 7

Recorded at Ulpana Studios
Mastered at Halal Studios

Artwork by Nomok

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