Beat Heaven

By Beno2015

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    Design by Dioz

Beat Heaven

By Beno

40 NIS


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This album is dedicated to all the lost and misplaced beats.

Beno's musical taste is vast and crosses many genres. These influences are present in his own music, which is almost entirely composed using samples from favorite vinyl, materials from his previous recordings and beats & pieces collected over the years.

In this release Beno features friends who are rappers, singers, producers and players, Evolving from his last instrumental album.

Finding a common ground between a jazzy rhythm section and a steady bass which glues everything together. The outcome is an overall psychedelic and ever-changing experience gives this album an unusual mood.

Credits //

Music & Mix by Beno Hendler
Mastered by Jonathan Jaacobi

Vox by KerenDun (2, 7)
Rebel Sun (1)
Echo (3, 8)
Miss Red (4, 11)
Mo Rayon (5)
Shiran Fadida (6)
Tal (9)

Saxophone by Yudko The Abstract (3, 8)
Keys by Rejoicer (5)
Keys & Vibes  by Mandy Mozart (Shalom Salon) (10)
Executive Producer - Osbourne "Ease" Green

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