By Yonatan Daskal2024

  • Cover art by maTan iOntef

    Cover art by maTan iOntef


By Yonatan Daskal


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With his first single since 2021, Daskal drops you inside a snow globe. “Alex” is a hushed, piano-led waltz. Inviting and delicate. But beneath his melody lurks something darker, as synthesizers sound off with a foreboding collective quiver. “Alex” is a musical beginning, the composition floating like morning mist and swirling like fresh snowfall. For Daskal, who composed modern dance scores, the beauty lies in the possibility of what comes next. His classical background combined with a love for synthesizers as well as a curious and open-minded musical vision make Daskal’s music such a deep, culture-fusing and timeless experience. 

Credits //
Music by Daskal

Composed, produced, and recorded by Daskal 
Mixed by Rejoicer
Mastered by Asaf Shay

Video by Or Schraiber

Special thanks to Or Schraiber and Bobbi Jene Smith

Cover art by maTan iOntef

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